Welcome to the Compostadores Blog!

In the summer of 2010, a group of volunteers from various community gardens in Minneapolis and St. Paul started the Compostadores, a working group dedicated to helping community gardens build and maintain compost bins and help gardeners work with community members and business to get compostable material.  Our goal has been to help gardens use compost not just to divert organic materials from the waste stream, but also to create sources of fertile soil to grow food in the city.  This year we built 20 bins, mostly in low-income neighborhoods.  3 of those bins were built as part of large workshops with 20 or more participants.  Many were built in conjunction with a city program that provides employment opportunities to at-risk youth.  Each bin holds about 1,000 pounds of compost and all were full at the end of the season.  This winter, we are braving the cold and snow and ice and building more!  We are also organizing ourselves to start the 2011 season

We plan to use this blog as a way for us to post about our composting adventures, share  tips and resources, and tell our story to the community. 

The Compostadores is a project of Gardening Matters.  Check us out at www.gardeningmatters.org!


One response to “Welcome to the Compostadores Blog!

  1. Awesome post,thank you.

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