Growing Power

The Compostadores had a fabulous trip to Growing Power in Milwaukee in May.  As part of the Growing Food Justice for All Initiative and the WhyHunger grant, the group was able to see Will Allen’s multifaceted, creative, and community-based approaches to urban farming.  Will Allen validated much of the work of the Compostadores by stressing the necessity of healthy, nutrient-rich soil in urban agriculture efforts.  “What do you have without soil?” he asked the audience rhetorically, “Nothing.”  We agree, Will!

The whole operation of Growing Power relies heavily on compost and worm castings, from almost the entirety of the soil in the hoop houses, to the aquaponics  system in the green houses.   The greenhouses are even partially heated by compost, which exudes natural high temperatures to keep the place warm and steamy (don’t worry – it was odor-free!).  The plants in this photo are growing in soils composed of pure compost.

The training also included the Dismantling Racism workshop, a meaningful look into structural inequalities that are manifested in the food system.  It was particularly inspiring to meet so many folks who are doing such important work in tackling these issues around the country.

We also finally got to meet our partners from the Pedal Co-op in Philadelphia, who shared some great bike-delivery strategies with us.  We’re looking forward to heading east to see what they’re doing there!


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