Community bin builds

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The Compostadores have been having a rotten (in the decomposing sense – it’s a good thing!) and packed season of compost bin-builds in community gardens this spring. We’ve been pounding, snipping, drilling, wrapping, and hammering out beautiful bins as fast as we can, and simultaneously filling up others with healthy compost.

Yesterday evening’s blue skies bestowed upon us fabulous circumstances for soil-making.  We headed over to the Edgerton Community garden in Maplewood to meet a crew in need of a bin.  Though we got off to a slow start, we had a whole host of helpers of all ages enthusiastically join us as the evening progressed.  We flew through the bin build, making near-record time under a beautiful sunset and refulgent silvery moon.  Fortunately, we finished before dark — we didn’t even need to use our cell phones to light our paths as we cleared out. (You may think that was a joke, but it has happened before…)

The Edgerton coordinator, Oakley, adapted her colorful talent for the event — blowing up twisty balloons (also now known as “compost hats”) — an added perk for many of the neighboring kids to learn the joys of composting and the fun of manual labor.

The evening exemplified what we want our bin builds to be all about!  We worked together with some wonderful neighbors, munched on carrots, and had some excellent discussions with folks with who were genuinely curious about composting, gardening, and the whole works.  Some of the young ones knew about compost, some knew how to use a staple gun, and others were excited just to dump sloppy coffee grounds into the bin.  Whatever the motivation for partaking, bin builders left with smiles on their faces — we did, too.

We have several more bin builds ahead of us, and there are always more opportunities to get involved! We’re looking forward to two more bin builds in the next week: Shalom Community garden today and Crossroads in Brooklyn park on next Wednesday.


2 responses to “Community bin builds

  1. Great pictures! Looks like a fun build!

  2. Please sign us up at Little Kitchen! We’ll call…

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