WhyHunger Partnerships

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The Compostadores have had a bustling fall. In the past month, Patsy and Rebecca both had the opportunity to see the hard work of fellow composters and urban farms on the East Coast through the WhyHunger grant that the group received this Spring.

Patsy worked with the  Nuestras Raices in Holyoke, MA and Pedal Coop in Philadelphia on compost bin-builds, improvising to make an assortment of materials and oddly-sized pallets function structurally and elegantly to hold compost.  The three groups also discussed developing youth curriculum in the compost realm, working to build a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of composting and garden operations for young adults who are interested in the future of soils and waste reduction.

Rebecca spent a long and rainy day in Philadelphia with Amy, waking up before sunrise to do bike rounds with the Pedal Coop, doing bread deliveries for a local bakery.   The Compostadores had the opportunity to check out Pedal Coop’s new bike space, located in a great tool lending library.   Later that afternoon, still dripping from the rain, they picked up compost from homes and businesses, which they delivered to a nearby garden (featured in the slideshow).  The Coop’s operation dabbles in food, trash, recycling, and compost from residences and businesses.   The work of the Pedal Coop helped fuel dreams for the Compostadores to pick up from residents someday in the near future.  These partnerships were a great tool – we left feeling inspired and motivated.


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