Demonstration project: We’re rolling! Picking up Compost by bicycle

In June 2011, the Compostadores formally received a Permit from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to increase the scale of permissible compost in four community gardens in the Twin Cities.  The permit process has taken us nearly a year of visioning, writing, and re-writing, and we’re thrilled to have it!

Through a year-long demonstration project, three Compostadores cyclists will be picking up food scraps on a daily basis from local businesses, to close the loop on food waste recycling and to keep these healthy nutrients in the neighborhood.  The program will help demonstrate the feasibility of neighborhood-based composting operations.

These compost bike runs officially re-started in June, and – despite the hot, hot heat – our cyclists are hauling an impressive volume of coffee and veggies. (Have you ever tried lifting a five gallon bucket of coffee grounds? These buckets getheavy!)

As a component of the project, compost is being closely monitored to ensure safe practices.  Cyclists will be measuring the temperature of the bins on a daily basis, and regularly checking for issues that may arise, such as odors or vermin.  Neighborhood Compost Teams will be developed to check in on the compost bins and teach neighbors about the bins.

The pilot project is supported by funding from the City of Minneapolis.  Other local partners include Sunrise Cyclery bike shop, Welna Ace Hardware, and ten local coffee shops, restaurants, food shelves and other businesses.  There are three primary routes in North and South Minneapolis, and the number of partners continues to grow.

Free compost bin build workshops will be occurring throughout the season for the project.  If you’re interested in getting involved with bin builds, neighborhood compost teams, or have any further questions about the project, we invite you to join us!


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