Compost may seem complicated, but solving your problems can often be rather simple. Check out handy guides that we’ve compiled for getting the word out about community composting.

Compost Resource list

Basics of Composting: outlines the “hows” and “whys” of compost.  We’ve found this information to be handy when we’re trying to get the word out, recruit community groups, and teaching folks that compost is valuable.

Greens and Browns: more detail about how we make our static bins work by alternating layers of green and brown material

Gardening in Urban Soil: A new release from the MN Pollution Control Agency on Urban Soils and contamination.

Additional Resources for composting info from The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Several different recommended bin structures: UMN extension

Compost success stories from the EPA: documented cases around the nation of waste reduction efforts and compost achievements

Urban Compost is working in the Twin Cities to build a compost infrastructure in high density buildings using vermiculture for those who can’t do backyard compost

Need more info on community gardens? Want to connect with other gardeners in the Twin Cities?  Gardening Matters’ website is home to a virtual library of garden resources, classes, events, and information.  Our events calendar will help plug you in to the bustling community gardening scene across the metro area, and our listserv COMGAR will help you communicate with other community gardeners.


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