Demonstration Project

What is the project?

The Compostadores are planning to conduct a year-long project for a community based model of composting with bicycle pick-ups. In collaboration with the MN Pollution Control Agency and the City of Minneapolis, this project will work to support progressive state-wide changes to compost legislation, moving toward community-scaled composting right in the city. 

How these operations work

Under the permit operations, Compost will be picked up every single day and taken to four gardens which will each have six compost bins  (see below for more info on the locations).  In the warm season, compost rounds will be done by young adult bicyclists, who will be trained in composting.  An advisory panel is engaged in the project to offer knowledge and input, and community members will also be involved to ensure community support and knowledge on proper compost usage.

In the first year of the project, this healthy soil will remain on site for the gardens, allowing gardeners to utilize the soil for growing their crops. Compostadores are carefully managing the food scraps to ensure no odors, vemin, or other issues.  If any issues do arise, the City of Minneapolis and the Compostadores will be held responsible for bin removal from the site. The end product will be healthy soil for community gardens, thereby addressing soil fertility needs in community gardens.

Getting involved:

We always love the support of our community! Please contact us if you can assist with any of our needs.

Business plan: As we move forward, we’re seeking assistance in writing a business plan.  If you are a graduate student or would like to volunteer your time assisting the Compostadores in writing a business plan, please contact us!

Storage:  Do you or your community have space available? We need help storing trailers, bagged leaves, and wood pallets.

Bin builders: If you are interested in getting involved with a bin-build, we can always use extra hands on board and extra support from the community.

Neighborhood Compost Teams: Do you live in Harrison, Hawthorne, Seward, or Powderhorn? We are looking for Neighborhood compost teams to keep their eyes on the bins, help out, and stay involved with neighborhood compost initiatives at these sites.

Star Tribune Announcement (12/1/11)

The City of Minneapolis, Department of Public Works Division, Department of Solid Waste 309 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN, is submitting a permit application to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) to begin a year-long composting project. Four community and urban garden sites have been selected; locations are: 336 Morgan Ave N Minneapolis; 2929 Emerson Ave N Minneapolis; 3351 Oakland Ave S Minneapolis; 2115 Snelling Ave Minneapolis. The City of Minneapolis is providing a grant to Gardening Matters, 310 E 38th St, Suite 204b, Minneapolis MN, to conduct the project as a function of their Compostadores Program.  The Compostadores will pick up organic food waste (fruit and vegetable scraps and coffee grounds) from different establishments, which will be mixed with garden waste and composted at the garden sites.  Each site will have 6 covered compost bins approx. 4’x4’x4’. The application materials are available for inspection at the MPCA. Persons wishing to comment on this application may file comments in writing with Paula Connell, Solid Waste Permitting Supervisor, at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, 520 Lafayette Road N St. Paul, MN 55155.  Comments from interested parties must be received by 4:30 p.m. on Dec 30th.


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