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Food Waste in the US

Food waste in the US is at an all time high: the highest percent of our country’s waste stream going into landfills is food waste, according to a recent EPA report. Only 3% of our nation’s food waste is recovered and recycled.

Compost ordinances

Here are a few links to City composting ordinances in a variety of cities. The Compostadores helped support policy changes for Minneapolis this year.

Minneapolis, MN: Updated ordinance in 2012; the summary changes are listed on the City’s website here

San Francisco, CA has mandatory composting and recycling ordinances for their pickups: “Recyclables and compostables are not allowed in the trash in San Francisco, which goes directly to a landfill. ”

Other ordinances for backyard compost:

Recent news

MPCA RECENT Compost Rules Hearing: Compost Stakeholder Meeting on Friday February 10, 2012

During the February 10, 2012, compost stakeholder meeting, the question was raised as to whether an additional draft of the language would be provided for stakeholder feedback. At the time, the answer was no. In an effort to bring this rulemaking more in line with the new standardized stakeholder process, the MPCA will release Preliminary Draft #2 for stakeholder feedback before it proceeds with publication in the State Register. Whether a stakeholder meeting will be planned for the release of Preliminary Draft #2 or whether it will simply be an online release with a set deadline for comments has not been decided.

To access information about a particular rulemaking, visit the Public Rulemaking Docket.

Portland begins curbside pick-up of compost 10-31-11

Austin Unveils new zero-waste plan

Neighborhood-based composting:

WashingtonDC: Central drop site at a community garden; neighborhood composted on-site at the garden using a 3-bin system.

Massachusetts: Pedal people – Weekly/bi-weekly pick ups of compost; year round, by bicycle.

Philadelphia: Pedal co-op – bicycling compost (and trash, recycling and bakery items) hauling

Northfield, MN: Community Composting central collection site at the farmers market

Boulder, CO: Neighborhood composting project

City-Based Composting Programs

Commercial composting in San Francisco: first in the nation.  It’s mandatory – requires everyone in San Francisco to separate their refuse into recyclables, compostables, and trash.

King County, WA:  Over 90% have access to curbside composting

Oakland, CA:  Home composting diverts 543 pounds, per household, per year from the landfill. That’s 2.7 tons over 10 years!

Austin, TX: home composting

NYC composting project


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