Worm Resources

The compostadores do not currently include Vermiculture as part of their public operations, but for many without garden space, worms are the best solution.  Worm castings are also a very high-nutrient addition to soil — the process is pretty magical.

LaVerme’s Worms is an organization based in Duluth that has been around since 1989.  They do a great job answering all those worm questions you’ve ever wondered about (newspaper in bins, anyone? answer: no!).  LaVerme’s also sells some useful resources and products if you’re interested in getting started.

A fantastic and extensive guide for those interested in starting vermiculture operations, from the Organic Agriculture Center of Canada: http://www.organicagcentre.ca/DOCs/Vermiculture_FarmersManual_gm.pdf

Worms Eat My Garbage by Mary Appelhof

Our friends at the Twin Cities-based Urban Compost also work to set up composting for high density units


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