The elegance of decay

Oftentimes as we’re dumping our freshly gathered buckets into the bins, the Compostadores feel lucky to be able to embrace the aesthetics of our daily grind.

We delight as those electrically orange mashed carrots – topped by the juicy red beets – nestle themselves on beds of nurturing cabbage leaves.  We feel maternal pleasure as we tuck them under the blanket of vibrant-stemmed Swiss Chard.  And there’s nothing like the pleasure of topping it with gallons upon gallons of fragrant coffee grounds!

NPR’s The Salt blog’s recent post about food waste also looks at food decay – although theirs is perhaps not quite as fresh as what we encounter on our rounds.  We virtually never experience mold or smelly juiciness to that extent, because we pick up food waste with such regularity. We don’t deal with meat or dairy on our rounds. Though you may lose your appetite after looking at The Salt’s blog post – it will certainly give you food for thought.


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