Why we bike


The Compostadores believe in creating sustainable compost operations in as many ways as possible.  Although our work began through car pick-ups from local establishments, we have been working diligently to transition our pick-ups to bicycles rather than using cars.

Biking improves air quality, builds community through improved interactions, and saves major costs of car-ownership impacts (both financially and in the social landscape).

Pedal Coop, our partners in Philly, have put it into much more eloquent terms than we have; read: WHY USE BICYCLES?

Bikes at Work in Ames Iowa manufactured our 64″ bike trailers.  They’ve got a list of great bike resources for starting up the car-free lifestyle, including the best biker cities to live, and a listserv for those wishing to decrease car usage.

Our Favorite Twin Cities Bike Groups:

Tamales y Bicicletas is a phenomenal group working to address Latino health concerns in the Twin Cities through bike empowerment

Sunrise Cyclery is a wonderful shop in Minneapolis that has help supply us with our bikes for the duration of this program.  In addition to their same low-key services, they have a fantastic open shop night twice monthly for Women-Trans-Femme cyclists to learn how to fix bikes, called Greaserag. Open to any WTFs, and a great, non-intimidating place to learn great skills. They also have several rides a month, for those interested in getting in the game that feel less comfortable, and also for anyone interested in meeting other cyclists.

Major Taylor Bike Club: the premiere African American bike club in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest, which does wonderful programming, advocacy and rides in the Twin Cities.


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