About Us

The Compostadores are a group of compost enthusiasts dedicated to building a neighborhood-based compost infrastructure in the Twin Cities. 

We’re Keepin’ the nutrients in the Neighborhood to close the loop on food waste. 

The Compostadores came together in early 2010 as a project of Gardening Matters, the Twin-Cities based non profit working to protect and preserve community gardens.  The Compostadores began working fervently to address the issue of food waste in restaurants, homes, and businesses, and the need for improved soil fertility in community gardens.  As you might have guessed, these issues offer an excellent and complementary solution for each other!

The Compostadores work to teach community members how to cycle these leftovers and nutrients back into gardens, thereby allowing gardeners to grow healthier food right in the neighborhood.

Using compost bin-building workshops and celebrations as a tool for education and community engagement, The Compostadores have built nearly 40 bins for community gardens in the metro area.

Where we’re headed

The Compostadores are working to develop a bicycle pick-up system for neighborhoods and establishments in the Twin Cities.  The system will create jobs for youth in local communities, educate consumers about waste, prevent waste in our communities, and cycle nutrients back into the gardens!

We’re thrilled to be working on this project! Over the coming months, we’ll be working with our partners at WhyHunger, Growing Power in Milwaukee, WI, Nuestras Raices in Holyoke, MA, and Pedal Co-op in Philadelphia, PA to teach others, learn more, and improve our systems further.


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